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Miscarriage Poems - A Poem for My Baby

A Poem for My Baby (Lost at 9 Weeks and 2 Days)

So many questions unanswered,
So many tears I've shed,
So many thoughts and worries,
Go running through my head.

You'll always be my baby,
And in my heart you'll stay,
I often sit and ask myself,
Why were you taken away?

Mummy misses you dearly,
And never will forget,
The image of your body,
Your eyes, your toes, your head.

If I had a genie,
Who'd grant me just one wish,
I'd bring you down from heaven,
For a cuddle and a kiss

I wanted to protect you,
Until the day I'd die,
Watch you take your first steps,
See you laugh, smile, cry.

You're my little angel,
And daddy's angel too,
You're in our hearts forever,
And forever we'll love you.

by Jenny B

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