Calling all Experienced Moms and Dads: Your words of wisdom are urgently required!

If you're interested in writing content suitable for inclusion on a family friendly, predominantly female-based website (ie ours!), then we'd love to hear from you. In return for your unique content, you will enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your words published worldwide and, if required, you can even gain valuable exposure for your own website or blog!

We are happy to accept exclusive, well-written content on a variety of topics. Perhaps you're an experienced parent who has a multitude of tips to share with those just starting out on this long journey, or maybe you're a seasoned professional who enjoys seeing your words published online?

Whatever your reasons, in return for your hard work, at the end of your article if you wish to you can include an 80 word resource/byline box, with up to 3 website links; this is where you can let our visitors know about your own sites.

Acceptable Topics

Whilst we are happy to consider most topics, we are particularly interested in topics that are of specific interest to women and families. These can include:

However, other topics may also be acceptable so we will accept each article submitted based on how appropriate we feel it will be to our site's visitors.

Acceptable Content

Unique Content: Your content must be must be original and written by you. It should not have been reproduced anywhere else, including on your own website. However, we are happy to accept content that you have modified sufficiently enough that it is not seen as duplicate content by search engines.

Useful Content: Submitted content should offer useful and beneficial information to our visitors.

Linking to Other Sites: We are happy for you to link to other websites within your content so long as the linking is of an appropriate nature.

Unacceptable Content

We will not accept content which is badly written, contains profanities, or which links to adult websites. Please use a spell-checker and proofread your content before hitting the send button!


You can use affiliate codes or referral links in your posts, but no more than 3 per post.

We are happy for you to link to your own website and/or blog, but only if it is relevant to do so.

No press releases, advertisements or any other promotional material, including self promotional material will be accepted.

Terms and conditions can be changed or edited at any time.

We reserve the right to decline publication of any articles that we think inappropriate.

We reserve the right to edit your articles for editorial reasons. This includes modifying your grammar, spelling errors and style. However, you should note that it is your responsibility to proofread your articles prior to submitting them for publication.

What Next?

You can get writing!

Just email your article to us. Once we receive it we will respond letting you know if your work has been accepted and telling you where you can see it on the site. Please provide a contact email address so we can get in touch. Your email will not be used for any other purpose.

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