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Supporting New Mums on Their Breastfeeding Journey

Despite the fact that women are encouraged to breastfeed, new mothers sometimes feel compelled to stop breastfeeding earlier than planned due to outside influences, lack of support or simply because they find it difficult and demanding in the early days. However, with a little support, many mothers go on to breastfeed their babies right into the toddler years - something which often comes as a surprise especially considering that at times felt they wouldn't get through the next few hours, nevermind two or more years!

Understanding how overwhelming and challenging breastfeeding can be if mothers don't receive the vital support they need in the early days, BreastfeedingMums was set up with the intention of showing new mothers that they need not feel they are on their own.

BreastfeedingMums provides information about the benefits of breastfeeding and offers many resources for those  who need a little bit of support on their journey.

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