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Guided Pregnancy Relaxation MP3

Our Pregnancy Relaxation mp3 is the relaxing way to stay calm and tranquil during pregnancy - and what's more is that it's been tried, tested and proven to work by real mothers! It's one gift every pregnant woman truly appreciates.

Stress During Pregnancy

If you're pregnant and feeling stressed, it's not good for you and it's certainly not good for your baby. Stress leaves you feeling exhausted and emotional. It also affects your hormonal balance, the way you feel about your pregnancy and can even reduce the blood flow to the placenta leading to lower birth weight babies. Stress during pregnancy is not good!

You need to get rid of pregnancy stress quickly and effectively and this is where B'Mums Pregnancy Relaxation comes into play. By regularly listening to this amazing recording, you will easily relax and drift off into a beautiful, serene place. Using proven relaxation techniques, the recording will guide you into a restful state where all your worries and tension will simply fade away.

Accompanying the soothing vocals is gentle background music and tranquil sounds of nature. These have been recorded at a speed scientifically proven to induce relaxation and will aid you fall into a deepened state of pure bliss.

Forget all your cares and simply enjoy this precious time unwinding and connecting with your baby.

You will soon awaken feeling calm, harmonious and refreshed.

The Price of Pregnancy Relaxation

Because we have perfected the recording in-house and kept all our production costs to a minimum you will receive a top quality recording for a very affordable price.

Consider this, to benefit from regular relaxation sessions with a relaxation therapist, in addition to waiting for a personal appointment and travel expenses, you would have to pay a set fee per session.

With B'Mums Pregnancy Relaxation, you pay a one off fee of that is much less than the cost of a typical session on the therapist's couch!

Furthermore, after purchasing your recording you are free to listen to it as many times as you like, at your own convenience throughout your pregnancy and in the comfort of your own home!

B'Mums Pregnancy Relaxation is the affordable way to relax throughout your pregnancy. Buy B'Mums Pregnancy Relaxation mp3 now... and drift off into deep relaxation immediately. Feel your tension slip away and enjoy some precious time being pregnant and bonding with your baby.

No appointments. No waiting around. No expensive commitments. Just instant relaxation!


Sinead has created a great product for pregnancy relaxation... She's got the perfect voice and accent for a deep relaxation recording! Tanya at Motherwear Blog.

Sinead has a calming voice and a beautiful accent, and the background music with nature sounds is perfect for unwinding after a stressful day... It cleared my mind and helped me relax before getting started on my long to-do list. It would also be a good way to re-energize after lunchtime, or (if you are already a mom) whenever your child is taking a nap... I felt Ivey moving a lot when I listened to the recording. It made me feel connected to her, and I think the recording would be especially helpful during those times when a mom is concerned because her baby hasn't moved in a while." Jenny at Baby Fingers

An uber-relaxing mp3... If the music and overall vibe of the recording doesn't relax you, then Sinead's hypnotic and soothing Irish accent will! I swear, I could listen to her ALL DAY LONG! She could order me to take out the trash and I'd do so in a most relaxed state! This recording is totally affordable! LaylaBeth at Zen Mommy

Duration: 32 minutes of pure relaxation!

Listen to a short clip.

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For the ultimate pregnancy relaxation, treat yourself  download our tried and tested Pregnancy Relaxation mp3.      

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