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Pregnancy Stories - Share Yours If You Dare!

It's always interesting to read other mothers' pregnancy stories. And labor stories make for some fascinating insights into just how different every labor can be.

Listed are some of the stories submitted to us by mothers and fathers who wanted to share their pregnancy stories with visitors to Breastfeeding Mums!

(See below if you'd like to submit your own pregnancy and/ or breastfeeding story to us.)

Our Birth Story

Laughing and Crying

First and Second Labours

Happy Birthday Baby

My Water Birth

The Pain was Worth it

My Natural Childbirth

First and Second Labors

Pregnancy and Weight Gain

Labor Day - Through the Eyes of a Dad

Labor - A Change of Plan

Your Stories and Photos Wanted!

Why not help other breastfeeding and expectant mums by sharing your own breastfeeding and pregnancy stories and photos on BreastFeedingMums?

Email your pregnancy story to us including details such as:

how soon you realised you were pregnant;

whether your pregnancy was planned;

how you felt when you found out;

symptoms you had and how soon;

your feelings on seeing your baby on a scan and feeling it kick;

any pregnancy problems you suffered;

family and medical support you received;

your birth choices;


the big day.

Email your breastfeeding story to us including information such as:

why you breastfed;

how you got on;

problems you had;

what support you got or would have liked;

whether you enjoyed breastfeeding;

if you are currently breastfeeding, how long you think you'll continue;

if you've finished breastfeeding, how long you breastfed.

Email your pregnancy or breastfeeding photos with just a brief description stating the age of your baby!

Names are not required but if you want a link back to your website or blog please include the full URL!

All your stories are very much appreciated.

Thanks, Sinead

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