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Miscarriage Poems - Afterlife

The following miscarriage poem/letter was contributed by a lady who wishes to remain anonymous but who sadly suffered an early miscarriage very recently.


In the afterlife, when I am reunited with the family and friends who have gone before me, will I recognise you there amongst them? Will you recognise me?

Will you be young? As young as you were when I loved you and lost you? Will you be older as if you had actually had a chance to live a life outside of me? Will you be a fully-developed, thinking, reasoning being with likes and dislikes and ideas and concerns? (Does one get a chance to develop in this way when one dies after five weeks of existence?) Will we have a chance to get to know each other then, in the afterlife? Will you be regretful at having missed out on life here on earth like the rest of your family? Or happy to have avoided all the pain and suffering? Will you have trouble relating to us? Will we have trouble relating to you?

Or will we never meet? Will our only knowledge of each other have been the brief few days I had to love you before you knew you even existed?


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The Miscarriage Association, ph 01924 200 799, offers support and advice to women, their partners and families who have experienced miscarriage. They have articles covering how you might feel after a miscarriage, special circumstances, trying again and as well as personal reflections by mothers who have experienced miscarriages.

SANDS is an organisation which can offer you support when your baby dies during pregnancy or after birth.

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