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Miscarriage Poems - Gone

This beautiful miscarriage poem was contributed by the mother of Baby King who suffered a missed miscarriage and who misses her baby more than she ever thought possible. Through her heartfelt words the raw pain of miscarriage is very evident.


image of baby in womb image of same womb after a missed miscarriage

I grew up with such a big heart and everyone said

As big as your heart is it wouldn't never break.

Everything in this world has to come to a end.

My heart has been broken.

And I thought when my Papa died it was broke.

Not till now did I truely know how bad it could hurt.

Or if it could be mended.

And as I sit here I'm still unsure.

Because losing you made me feel like I was dying.

Pain I never knew.

I saw you one day and then you were gone,

Out of the blue.

Your heart to sing to me.

I'll never get to soothe your cries,

Wipe your tears,

Get kisses for what child was mine.

I will never get to hold you.

And how I wish this all would fade.

But how honest it is I will never be the same without you.

I will always dream of you

And keep you close to mommy's broken heart.

Make sure you're waiting when Mommy comes home.

by M King

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The Miscarriage Association, ph 01924 200 799, offers support and advice to women, their partners and families who have experienced miscarriage. They have articles covering how you might feel after a miscarriage, special circumstances, trying again and as well as personal reflections by mothers who have experienced miscarriages.

SANDS is an organisation which can offer you support when your baby dies during pregnancy or after birth.

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