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Miscarriage Poems - Our Little Blip

After a long struggle with post natal depression, my husband I decided the time was right to have another baby, despite the high risk of me getting unwell again. I got pregnant straight away, however our little blip didn't survive. This threw me back into the depths of depression and I was compelled to write something to acknowledge the few happy weeks I had with my unborn child.

Our little blip

Our little blip,

You were but a little blip, a small dot upon the screen.

You measured at 6 weeks, 1 day, my tiny little babe.

We saw you there, you were so real.

Your heart was beating, the blood was flowing,

And a space for you in my heart was growing.

Life cruelly let me walk around, thinking that you were safe and sound.

I guess I should have known back then, that things were not quite right,

The fear I felt for you, it consumed me day and night.

When next we met your heart had stopped, the blood no longer flowing,

How long you'd been there lifeless, there was just no way of knowing.

Your daddy he cried then and there, the tears fell fast and free,

And would you believe it when we got home, he went and chopped down a tree!

For me the pain was mine to carry, it ate me up inside.

Eventually though, the tears they came, and then I cried and cried.

Each day I miss what could have been, the fun we could have had.

I love you, our little blip, and I know so does your Dad.

~ by Emily

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